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World mental health day


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what is health?

In the common word if we describe health then, health is indicates to a state of complete emotional health and physical health. The purpose of healthcare is to make people healthy both mentally and physically.

If a person don’t have any disease that does not mean that the person is health, he may be not fit by mentally or physically, so when a person good in mentally, physically and social well-being then that’s called Health.

The objective of living is not to obtain a resource, but to use it in everyday life. Positive or Good health emphasizes not only physical capacity, but also social and personal resources.

mental health day :


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The world mental health day is celebrate internationaly on October 10 every year. This is celebrate for an awareness program for adovacy and social stigma.

World Mental Health Day was first celebrated in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health, which is a global organization of mental health professionals and advocates.

On this day, thousands of supporters gather to raise awareness of mental illness and its major impact on the lives of people around the world.

what is the cause of mental health?

There are multiple factors that can contribute to mental health issues, including biology and external factors, such as psychological trauma, the early loss of a parent, and neglect and others region so that a human affected by this.

Is it possible to know if I have mental health issues?

Yes, its possible but to know about your mental health then you should go for a mental health professional. Changes in sleep or appetite, rapid or dramatic mood changes, withdrawal, and having difficulties thinking straight are some signs to look out for.

World Mental Health Day is important because of that:

i) Let’s share your pain in one way or another.

It shows you that you are not alone in what you are going through. We think that we are the only ones facing a tough time. It is good to know that people have gone through the same thing and made it out of it. It reminds you of how you can deal with your own pain.

ii) Get to the root of the problem.

It is possible to think about our thoughts on this day, because the mind is an abstract concept. We have to evolve so that we can better diagnose and care for ourselves if we don’t have good mental health. The battle is easier now that there is less burden and fear with mental health issues.

iii) Proper treatment to be done.

As we all are grow so our understanding of mental health also grows, so it required to our ability to seek proper treatment. And with the help of proper medication and with a professional therapist, it will be maintain and we can operate on a more efficient level. The more accepting we are and the more funding that’s put into research and mental healthcare, the greater the global impact.

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