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Why WhatsApp crashed

The most popular free end to end encrypted messanging servies goes down or crash Users are unable to send messages after the service went down. The power was out shortly before 8.

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A spike in people reporting that the app owned by Meta did not work on Tuesday morning was shown on the website DownDetector.

“We’re aware that some people are having trouble with sending messages and we’re working to restore them for everyone as quickly as possible,” said the statement from Meta, the platform’s parent company.

A lot of people on the DownDetector website are complaining of problems in different parts of the world.

Due to the whatsapp down people are facing a lot of proplem to connect with each other and search any other platfrom for the communication.

Users have discovered that the app is failing to deliver new messages or send any new messages, even though they are still able to access their conversations.

Meta, which is the parent company of the platform, did not comment on the issue.

Now no one know the actually reason for the WhatsApp down except the company

Let’s look some recent tweet of people on WhatsApp down.

The DownDetector website is showing a spike with over 12,000 reports of problems. 13 hours ago Problems have been reported from all over the globe. More than 70% of those who reported issues with the app said they were having issues with sending messages, while 28% said they were experiencing a server connection issue.

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