There is concern that Olivia Culpo might have trouble conceiving-Lernsquare

There is concern that Olivia Culpo might have trouble conceiving

Olivia Culpo in a show

The actress is concerned that her endometriosis diagnosis may make it difficult for her to conceive.

As a result of endometriosis, Culpo underwent surgery in August 2020 to remove the cells within the uterus that resemble the lining of the uterus, or endometrium.

My dream is to have kids, but I want to make sure I can,” says the model, 30, in an exclusive sneak peek of Monday’s episode of “The Culpo Sisters”.

My condition was so debilitating and excruciating,” the former Miss Universe recounted on a reality show.

In addition to the fertility effects of endometriosis, there are other factors that can affect it,” the reality star went on to explain. Your ovaries can be affected by endometrial tissue growing nearby, it can scar your fallsopian tubes, and it can affect your fertility.

Olivia Culpo enjoy with friends

Even though the two have not yet got engaged, Culpo has spoken openly about his desire to settle down with the San Francisco 49ers.

The former Miss USA(Olivia Culpo) wrote on Instagram, celebrating their three-year anniversary in June: “I’m so grateful that I heard the voice inside telling me to give love another chance.”

It is important to remember that endometriosis has numerous effects on your fertility, as she explained in her confession.

“Having that condition presents so many questions and I am worried about my timeline all the time because I have no idea what’s going to happen in the future. My instinct is to have children as soon as possible.”

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