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Gaganyaan will be launched before Independence Day in 2022 by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

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What is gaganyaan?

The Sanskrit word for’skyvehicle‘ is what the word ‘Gaganyaan’ is derived from. A program aims to demonstrate the capability to undertake human spaceflight to the lowest altitude place on Earth.

There will be two unmanned missions and one manned mission undertaken as part of this programme.

There are some new technologies are required for the gaganyaan mission:

  • A launch vehicle that can be used by humans
  • Selecting the right crew and training them will benefit management activities
  • Providing life support
  • habitable orbital module
  • System for crew escape

Technical difficulties in gaganyaan mission

Gravity: The movement from one gravity field to another affects the physical bodies. Hand-eye coordination and head-eye coordination are affected by it.

isolation: Isolation: Due to isolation, one may encounter depression, fatigue, sleep disorder and psychiatrie disorders.

Hostile environment: The atmosphere should be like Earth inside a small volume and that is what ‘Gaganyaan‘ needs to ensure it stays that way throughout the mission.

Radiation : The astronauts in the space station get a higher amount of radiation than the people on Earth. The risk of cancer may be increased by radiation exposure. It can damage the central nervous system.

During the prelaunch, launch and post launch, a rocket may explode in the air, setting off a fireball. Safety features that minimize the losses need to be built for launch escape systems.

The re-entry into the atmosphere must be very precise and even a small deviation could cause a disaster.

benefits of Gaganyaan

  • Increases the level of technology and science in the country.
  • Growth of the industrial sector is improved.
  • Collaboration with other institutes, academia, and industry on a national project.
  • Youth being inspired to take challenges in science and technology.
  • Technologies are developed for societal benefits.
  • It provides a way for international collaboration to take place.

India could be the hub for human space exploration if the Gaganyaan mission is a success. The upcoming manned missions will push India further into space exploration as countries look to control the next space race which has the potential to cause major changes in the global order.

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