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Gk quiz on Dhanteras

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The festival is celebrated to worship the god of wealth and Goddess of Wealth and Goddess of wealth,Lord Kuber. People celebrate this day by buying gold, silver, and utensils in order to symbolise prosperity and wealth.

Dhanteras Quiz :

01. Buying _______________ is a tradition on the day of Dhanteras.

a) Iron
b) graphite’s
c) Glass
d) Gold

Answer -: Gold

02. Which is called the greatest wealth in life?

a) Gold
b) money
c) Time
d) Patience

Answer -: Patience

03.Who is the god of medicine?

a) Rama
b) Balmiki
c) Dhanvantari
d) Kuber

Answer -: Dhanvantari

04. On which day do people buy the idols for the worship of a deity?

a) None of above
b) Holi
c) Diwali
d) Dhanteras

Answer -: Dhanteras

05. After Dhanteras which festival is come?

a) None of above
b) Holi
c) Diwali
d) Dhanteras

Answer -: Diwali

06. Many people purchase other common items, what is the most common one?

a)Kitchen utensils
b) Gold
c) Silver
d) Plastic

Answer -: Kitchen utensils

07. Which day in the festival of lights does it have the most symbolic meaning?

b) third
c) Second
d) forth

Answer -: First

08. Which goddess is revered during the Durga’s festival?

b) Kali
c) Laxmi
d) Ganesh

Answer -: Laxmi

09. Is there anything people pray for on Dhanteras?

a) Gold
b) Money
c) Land
d) Wealth and prosperity

Answer -: Wealth and prosperity

10. The lights of the lamps ward off which god, according to mythology.

a) Yama or the ‘God of Death’
b) God of Power

Answer -: yama or the ‘God of Death’

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