Drew Griffin, a veteran CNN investigative reporter, passed away at the age of 60

Drew Griffin, a veteran CNN investigative reporter, passed away at the age of 60

In this modern eraa 60 is not age to die but he was. According to his family, Drew Griffin, CNN’s award-winning Senior Investigative Correspondent, died Saturday after a long battle with cancer, the news outlet reported. Griffin was known for engaging even the most cagy interview subjects for stories.

Griffin was a gifted storyteller whose reputation he earned for holding institutions and powerful people accountable.

CNN and our entire profession have been affected by Drew’s death,” CNN CEO Chris Licht wrote.

“A highly acclaimed investigative journalist, Drew’s work had incredible impact and embodied the mission of this organization in every way.”

During his nearly two decades with CNN’s investigative division, Griffin produced hundreds of stories and documentaries.Many of the most prestigious journalism awards had been awarded to him, including Emmys, Peabodys, and Murrows.

Several colleagues remarked that Griffin had an incredible work ethic. Most of his co-workers kept his illness a secret from him, and he had been reporting his condition up until the last day of his life.The CEO of CNN’s Programming Department,Michael Bass, expressed his admiration for Griffin to the investigation team on sunday.

Despite his fearlessness,he was able to tell a story in the way that was clear to everyone at the same time. He knew how to push a story forward to its limits, while at the same time telling it in an engaging way.

As the result of a yearlong investigation, he discovered delays in medical care at hospitals throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs that contributed to patient deaths. A fundamental change was made to how veterans’ appointments are handled as a result of the team’s reporting, which led to the resignation of the VA secretary.

The company announced it had abandoned its policy that forced people with sexual assault complaints into arbitration and required them to sign non-disclosure agreements following CNN’s investigation. Uber changed its background check process, offering new safety features in its app, following his reporting on the high number of sexual assault allegations against its drivers.

As a journalist who held a strong sense of fairness, Griffin’s ability to get some of the most reluctant public figures to open up and tell their side of the story underscored his tenacious approach to challenging stories. While grilling them, he never missed an opportunity to get to the bottom of things.

A series of real estate seminars run by Trump University resulted in lawsuits filed by competitors after Griffin’s incisive, Emmy-award-winning investigation revealed questionable, financially draining tactics. In an exclusive interview, Griffin pressed a former Trump University instructor about his role in the scheme – not teaching real estate strategies, but luring participants into paying for more seminars: “We were bringing in the money,” he told Griffin.

Griffin confronted MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell when election denialism persisted. MyPillow CEO Lindell is one of the biggest players in misinformation.

As Griffin reviewed the evidence, Lindell and Griffin conducted a lengthy interview to evaluate Lindell’s claims, resulting in the fact that Lindell had “no proof.”

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